Biometric Verification of EVO, CharJi and VFone

Biometric Verification of EVO, CharJi and VFone

Get your New & Existing PTCL EVO/CharJi Devices & Vfone connections Biometrically Verified- 30th April 2016 is the last date.

After this date, all unverified devices will be suspended.

As per the directives of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, all EVO, CharJi and Vfone subscribers are required to biometrically verify their devices. This is a mandatory requirement that applies to both existing and new subscribers. Customers may biometrically verify their devices by visiting any of the following touch-points, along with their original CNIC & device. 

  • ✔ PTCL Smart Shop
  • ✔ Ufone Service Center
  • ✔ Ufone Franchise
  • ✔ PTCL/Ufone BVS Enabled Retailer

All EVO & CharJi subscribers are required to verify their ownership as soon as possible to avoid disconnection of services. 

Subscribers will receive an SMS notification upon successfully biometrically verifying their devices.

Device MDN is required for biometric verification. Subscribers unaware of their MDN’s may simply text their ESN (Electronic Serial Number – an 8 digit alpha-numeric code present on devices) to 0512181218 to receive their device MDN.

Sample Format Below:

ESN DD726911 (Space after ESN)  à 0512181218
(Standard SMS charges will be applicable)

CharJi EVO subscribers may forward their ICCID (20 digits present on the back of their CharJi Ruims) instead of an ESN or simply provide their ICCID’s instead of MDN for biometric verification.

ICCID (space) <Insert ICCID>  051-2181218

Terms and Conditions

  • ✔ BVS is mandatory and applies the entire EVO Wireless base i.e EVO 3.1 USB, EVO 3.1 Cloud, EVO TAB, EVO Wingle, Nitro USB, Nitro Cloud, CharJi Wingle,CharJi Cloud & CharJi Tab subscribers.
  • ✔ Customers will present their fingerprint impression for biometric verification and provide MDN (or ICCID)+Original CNIC.
  • ✔ New device activation time is between 10-15 minutes.
  • ✔ The BVS touch points will also facilitate subscribers requiring change of ownership for EVO wireless devices.