How can I access 'Shop' section?

For product details and ordering online, click on the ‘shop’ section of PTCL’s website and then click on your desired product:

  1. Internet 
  2. Smart TV
  3. Telephone

What are the features available in My Account section of corporate website.

“My Account” contains the following features:

  1. My PTCL Services
  2. Pay your Bill through a Debit/Credit Card
  3. Usage Inquiry (Broadband & EVO/Charji)
  4. EVO Recharge & Bucket Subscription
  5. Withholding Tax Statement
  6. View and Update Profile
  7. Change Account Password
  8. My Registered Complaint
  9. My Online Orders
  10. My Wishlist
  11. Service Disconnection
  12. My Saved Search

What are the features available in support section of corporate website.

The “Support” section contains the following features:

  1. Register Complaint
  2. Complaint status
  3. Live Chat
  4. Submit feedback
  5. Driver & Software
  6. International/Domestic tariff
  7. Contact Directory
  8. Track Order
  9. Video Tutorials
  10. FAQS
  11. Withholding Tax Statement

What are the main features of PTCL corporate website

The main features of PTCL’s corporate website are as follows:

  1. Online Shop
  2. Customer Support 
  3. My Account
  4. Bill inquiry & payment
  5. Products Information
  6. Live chat with agent
  7. Covereage area and find Location
  8. Feedback

What are PTCL Services and how to link them to your Account?

To avoid repetition in inputting your Telephone number and Account ID or MDN and ESN, you need to link your product Telephone, Broadband, Charji or EVO with your online account.

The CNIC of your online account should be the same as the one registered in PTCL’s system against your product.
To link the services to your account:
1) Go to the My Account section of our website.
2) Click on PTCL Services.
3) Select the product and click on option search to link the services.

How to inquire about and perform online bill payment through PTCL’s website?

On the navigation menu, go to “Pay Bill” or log in to “My Account”

Select the product you want to pay for.

Enter your landline number or MDN to inquire about the bill.

For bill payment, click on the “Pay Bill” option.

Enter the desired amount you want to pay and submit it.

Fill in your credit card information (i.e: credit card number, card expiry and verification code)
Click on “pay” to confirm payment of your dues.

You will then receive a confirmation notification and an SMS on your registered mobile number.

What should I do if my device is misplaced/stolen?

In case of misplaced/stolen device, please contact the nearest PTCL-Ufone Joint Shop immediately to get the device blocked permanently to prevent unfair usage. Please note that in such cases, PTCL would not be liable to make any Free of Cost replacement.

What if I want to temporarily block my EVO connection?

EVO can be temporarily blocked by making a request at any nearest PTCL-Ufone Joint Shop/ServiceCenter.

If I am dissatisfied with the service, can I claim a refund?

We strive hard to ensure the high standards of quality expected from us, however, if you are still dissatisfied; you can claim a refund within 7 days from your purchase.

If my device malfunctions, can I claim a replacement?

In case your EVO device malfunctions within the warranty period, our vendors will examine the device and if it is faulty, it will be replaced with a new one – Free of Cost.

Please note that the replacement period for the USB modem is 12 months.