PTCL TelePresence Service

In a global economy, you need to be highly productive, respond to changes faster, plan your strategy and deliver your products and services to market before someone else beats you. To do so, you need to communicate and collaborate more effectively- preferably without the delay and inconvenience of travel.

To efficiently use your limited time, eliminate unnecessary travel and still stay connected, we suggest collaborative technology using PTCL’s TelePresence Solution.

PTCL’s TelePresence is an innovative new technology that combines rich audio with high-definition video to deliver a true “in-person” experience. It is designed to bring you and your team closer to the people, places, and events you need to build your business. The creation of a live, face-to-face meeting experience empowers users to interact and collaborate like never before.

The PTCL TelePresence service leverages a complete set of activities that ensures efficient end-to-end life size meeting experience by providing fully managed and scalable services over the network. PTCL allows customers to come in and rent an immersive TelePresence studio on hourly basis, without having to invest in the expensive technology. PTCL offers TelePresence meeting studios and conferencing facilities for hire in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, to Middle East, Europe, North America and to any Cisco or other TelePresence suites around the world.

The solution uses TelePresence technology and employs codecs, cameras, lighting arrays, microphones and speakers. For instance, a solution can use endpoints, which consist of one or more 65-inch plasma-screen video monitors and a special “virtual” conference table. The special conference table can seat up to six people per location and incorporates your video monitors to create a “virtual table” of up to 30 participants.

The TelePresence managed service includes a concierge service that takes care of reservations, scheduling, customer support, monitoring, and management, reporting and billing capabilities, making it easy for customers to deploy and manage the TelePresence collaboration tool.


  • ✔ Reduce travel cost
  • ✔ Global presence
  • ✔ Increased agility and business continuity
  • ✔ Enhance staff productivity
  • ✔ Faster decision making
  • ✔ Reduced investment risk
  • ✔ Frequent customer interaction
  • ✔ Time saving 

How to Buy

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