Toll Free Number (TFN) – 0800 Services

Toll Free Number (TFN) – 0800 Services

PTCL’s Toll-Free services can extend your business reach, enhance customer services and provide our Carrier customers essential business continuity solutions.

Our service can be a key differentiator for a contact center today by understanding the options available. Power of advanced network-based offerings can help any contact center in maximizing its effectiveness. With multiple service options to choose from, you can create a toll-free service plan specifically tailored to your company’s needs.

Advanced toll-free features include announcements, routing, redirection and control. All can be designed as per your specifications. It is easier than ever to create a dynamic call-handling infrastructure.


  • Route and manage toll free calls intelligently
  • Create custom announcements for your callers
  • Resolve call-handling problems quickly and effectively by load balancing between your contact centers
  • Requires no special equipment – the technology in the PTCL network does it all


  • A convenient channel for customers to communicate
  • Easily accessible from anywhere in the country
  • Improved accessibility to the calling party
  • Cost-effective for your customers