Broadband Static IP

Broadband Static IP

PTCL Broadband gives you high speed Internet bandwidth with the additional feature of Static IP on a connection. 


  • ✔ Capability to host Web, E-mail, FTP, DNS server's directly on one’s own machine for users across the globe accessing Internet.
  • ✔ Capability to serve applications or services that require external access such as house or shop monitoring solutions, Virtual Private Networks, Remote access for various systems, Online Games including PlayStation & Xbox, IP based CCTV cameras and DVRs etc.
  • ✔ Capability to serve point of sales software for shop, restaurants & super stores.
  • ✔ Capability to serve Financial & other licensed application clients that require static IP address for licensing obligation.


  • ✔ Static IP for Activation charges Rs.500 and Rs.350 per month
  • ✔ PTCL is initially offering single static IP address 

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