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Gear up to greet the future with PTCL’s yet another first of its kind truly flexible, agile & scalable Build Your Own Cloud server offering--“PTCL Smart Cloud”. Powered by leading proprietary enterprise grade hardware & software solutions, PTCL Smart cloud lets you build customized virtual servers & networks best suited to your unique application requirements.


Truly Agile & Scalable

  • Truly Scalable, flexible& customizable to suit varying needs
  • Total user control, access and transparency
  • Made for Enterprise, SME and individual workloads
  • Multi-tenancy capable environment
  • Custom built Solutions to suit your needs and your pocket
  • Rapid provisioning so You stay ahead of your market
  • Gives clients IaaS cloud computing without compromise (virtual/bare metal, public/private)
  • Deployed on demand, billed per subscription

Pakistan's Only Tier-3 Certified Data Center

  • Pakistan’s Only Public cloud built over Tier-3 Certified data centers
  • Pakistani Cloud—All Customer data hosted within Pakistan
  • Geographical redundancy for minimal latency
  • Internationally proven, Resilient & HA enabled Enterprise Grade solutions
  • Built over proprietary VMware & Microsoft Hypervisors
  • 99.98 % Data Center Uptime Guaranteed

Our Connectivity

  • Local & Secure point-to-point links for seamless business continuity during International submarine outage.
  • Minimal latency with locally hosted Data Centers i.e Karachi & Lahore.

Optimal security

  • End-to-end encrypted tunnel from Customer Premises to PTCL Data Center
  • Secure & seamless multi-site topography
  • Security with policy control and DDOS protection
  • PCIDSS 3.2 certified
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 & ISO 27017:2015 certified

Customer Support

  • We believe that hosting goes beyond infrastructure to the service level. That's why we offer Fanatical Support from cloud engineers; included with every cloud account at no additional charge. We truly believe in best-fit, best-value infrastructure and service.

PTCL Smart Cloud Advantage


Complete control, access, and transparency


The Pakistani Cloud All client data within Pakistan


Secure, Seamless fault-tolerant, multi-site topography


Single-tenant and multi-tenant environments


Complete portfolio available on-demand in both data centers


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PTCL Smart Cloud - Video

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