Smart TV App FAQs

Smart TV App FAQs

PTCL Smart TV App - FAQs

Q1. What is the PTCL Smart TV app?
A: The PTCL Smart TV app is a next generation entertainment application. It allows users to experience live TV channels, movies, dramas, kids programs and sports events on all types of screens

Q2. What are some of the exciting features that the PTCL Smart TV app offers?
A: The PTCL Smart TV App has 100+ live TV channels available for viewing. These include all major Pakistani channels and PEMRA approved international channels.

The app also provides exciting features such as TV-on-Demand (TVoD). This allows users to watch TV recorded content by choosing program of their choice. Users can access the programs of previous seven days to watch the content of their choice at the time of their convenience.

It also offers lots of On-Demand entertainment content such as movies, drama serials, documentaries, kids programs, and more. This content is organized by genre and available through easy search. The app also provides strong self-care capabilities.

Q3. Where can I watch PTCL Smart TV?
A: PTCL Smart TV app can be used on Desktop & Laptops ( iMac & Windows operating systems) by visiting,PTCL Smart TV application is also available for download on Android Mobile phones /Tablets and iOS iPhones and iPads through their respective app stores.

Q4. How can I download the PTCL Smart TV App?
A: The app is available on App stores as PTCL Smart TV. Just follow these steps:

Android users can Go to Google Play Store  google play

iOS Users can go to iTunes Apps store       Apple

Alternatively you can Search for PTCL Smart TV (official)


Geographical Availability

Please note that the application is not available outside Pakistan, so please make sure that you have selected “Pakistan” during your signup on app store to download the App.

Q5. Why can’t I see the app in the Play store?
A: Please make sure you select Pakistan as the region during Google or iTunes account creation process. The app is not currently available outside of Pakistan.

Q6. Why can’t I download the app from the Play store?
A: Please make sure that you have enough free storage on your phone or tablet. Also, please make sure that you are not running a rooted version (or jail break version in case of iOS) on your mobile/Tab.

Q7. What are the minimum broadband requirements for Smart TV app?
A: If you are using PTCL broadband, you need a minimum of 2Mbps broadband connection.

Q8: How much does the Smart TV app cost in prepaid mode?
A: PTCL is offering 1 day free service for Prepaid and EVO wingle customers. After the expiry of free service, Smart TV app will not work until the user recharges Rs.99 (Inclusive of Tax) against the provided MDN.

Q9: How much does the Smart TV app cost in postpaid mode?
A: PTCL is offering Smart TV app for just Rs.99 per month (Inclusive of Tax).

Q10. How can I Sign-up for the services using PTCL Smart TV App?
A: Simply download the Smart TV App and press sign-up button. Select the billing mode and a new form will open.  You need to provide all the valid information and press the submit button. You will receive an IVR based confirmation call from PTCL on your registered landline number or Mobile number.

During this automated call the customer will Press “1” to validate the Smart TV App order. After which the service will be activated.

Customers can also call PTCL order number 0800-80-800 for Smart TV Order entry.

Important: Please make sure that you have correct Mobile and landline number and Email recorded in PTCL Systems (by calling 0800-80-800). Your login details and other communications will be maintained through your registered Mobile number and registered email ID.

Please note that IOS customers need to Subscribe and manage their Smart TV app services using the PC screen at or using PTCL Smart TV Android application. 

Q11. Can I choose a username or password of my own choice?
A: Yes you can. However, if you are using Smart TV at home with a ZTE set top box (Black Set Top Box), your existing Smart TV username will automatically serve as your app username (simply enter your landline number and the system will automatically detect your username and display it for you in the app). If you have a prepaid account, your username must be a valid email address.

If you are a PTCL landline customer, your username would be your landline number (with area code).
If you are a EVO Wingle / Charji customer, your username would be your MDN. 

Q12. What if I have failed to attend the confirmation call or have pressed 2?
A: In case the call is not attended,  maximum three attempts of calls for order validation would be made by PTCL on provided landline /Mobile number .

In case of order validation failure (customer pressed 2) or un-attended calls (after three attempts), the customer has to register again after three hours. 

 Q13. During the sign up process as a POSTPAID customer, I am prompted to enter my MDN#. Where can I get this information from?

A. The MDN# is written on your EVO or Charji devices. You can retrieve this information by removing the top cover of the device. Alternatively this information is also available on the product box. You can also call 0800-80-800 to get this information.

Here is how you can locate your required information from your device


MDN can be retrieved from your device
Smart App FAQs


The MDN is also available on the box that was provided with the device.

Smart TV App


Q14. How can I pay for the Smart TV app from an Android device?
A: If you are a postpaid customer, you will pay for the app in your PTCL bill. If you are a prepaid customer, all existing methods of paying for prepaid EVO can be used to pay for the Smart TV app. You can pay within the app by entering an EVO prepaid voucher, or by giving your MDN to the nearest EasyPaisa or Uload shop, or by visiting your nearest PTCL One Stop Shop. Additionaly you can recharge your MDN using your debit card or credit card. 

Q15. How can I pay for the Smart TV app from an Apple iOS device?
A: If you are a postpaid customer, you will pay for the app in your PTCL bill. If you are using an Apple device such as an iPhone or iPad as a prepaid customer, you can pay for the Smart TV app basic package by visiting You can pay at the PTCL Smart TV website by entering an EVO prepaid voucher, or by giving your MDN to the nearest EasyPaisa or Upaisa shop, or by visiting your nearest PTCL One Stop Shop 

Q16. How can I pay for the Smart TV app using my credit or debit card?
A: You can pay online using your credit or debit card. Just visit our website, create an account and follow the instructions.

Q17. If I register in the middle of the month, will I be charged for full month or on Pro-rate basis (charged only from the date when the service was activated).
A.Yes! The charges will be on pro-rate basis.

Q18: Where can I find my MDN if I have a Prepaid account?
A: To find your MDN, simply visit the ‘About’ section within the Smart TV app or Website. Alternatively you can also retrieve this information from the confirmation email and SMS which was sent during the successful signup process

Q19. How much will VODs cost for the Smart TV app and what is the validity?
A: Standard VODs charges are Rs.25 per movie with validity of 48 hours. VOD packages have different price tags and you can opt as per your requirement.

Q20. Why can’t I log in?
A: Please make sure that you have active internet connection and also you are entering valid username & password. 

Q21 When trying to use the Smart TV services on , I am prompted to install visual on. What is Visual On and Why do we have to install it?
A. Visual On is a world renowned player which allows to watch your favorite content securely and it is completely safe. Visual On player is necessary in order to use the Smart TV app services on your PC/Laptop web browser. However you can use it on IE 9 & above, Firefox 19 & above and Chrome 22 & above. 

Q22. My antivirus is blocking Visual On. What should I do?
A: Visual On is completely safe. Please allow the installation of Visual On in order to use the app on your PC/laptop or desktop.

Q23. Why can’t I set a parental lock password?
A: The default Parental Control password is  111111

If you want to change the Parental Control password, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Self-Care in the left hand navigation menu within the app
  2. Select the Parental Control option
  3. Swipe the top navigation to reach Change Password
  4. Change your password


Q24. Can I unbind a device through app or PC Screen?

A: Yes, you can unbind your devices twice a month free of cost. This limit has been set In order to manage the fair usage but If you want to unbind your devices more than twice a month, you will be charged Rs.49 (Inclusive of Tax) per device.

  • Go to Self care section on application OR Smart TV website
  • Select ‘Add, delete and unbind’ option and simply unbind the required screen(s).

Q25. How many simultaneous screens can I use, by default.
A. Upon successful registration, the Smart TV users can only use one screen at a time (Simultaneous Session) from available screens. 

Q26. Can Smart TV app users get additional screens for simultaneous usage?
A: Yes, Smart TV app customers can get a maximum of 10 additional screens by following these steps:

Subscribe With-in application from the or by calling 0800-80-800 

Q27. Why can’t I delete more screens?
A: You can always delete the additional screens. However you should have at least three active screens and the app would not allow you to delete the last three screens remaining in your account.

Q28. Why can’t I bookmark a live TV show?
A: Bookmarks are only available for Video on Demand (VOD). Live TV programs cannot be bookmarked. 

Q29. How can I get the username for Smart TV app?
A: You will receive your username and password over SMS /Email. 

Q30. Can I change my username/Password.
A: Customer can change his password through app but username cannot be changed.

Q31. How can I set the parental lock password?
A: The default Parental Control password is 111111. If you want to change the Parental Control password, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Self-Care section which is available in the left hand navigation menu within the app and in the web browser it is available in the top menu of PTCL Smart TV website.
  2. Select the Parental Control option
  3. Select the Change Password option
  4. Change your password by entering the old and new password in the given fields.

Q32. Why can’t I hear the audio?
A: Please make sure you have turned up the volume on your device. Also please make sure that “mute” is turned off on your device and in the application volume bar.

Q33. Why does the video keep getting stuck?
A: The app will work best with broadband connections of 2Mbps and above. Please make sure you have at least 2Mbps broadband connection. Also, please make sure you are not downloading other content at the same time – this can include torrents or large files.

The app adapts automatically to the best available bandwidth
Please check your Wi-Fi connection to ensure it is secure (some one is not using it without your permission) and it is working properly.

Q34. How do I get the latest version of the Apple iOS app?
A: You can simply download the latest version from the Apple App Store.

Q35. How can I pay for the prepaid Smart TV app using Easypaisa or Uload?
A: You need to visit nearest Easypaisa or Uload shop:

Tell the shopkeeper that you need to pay Rs.99 (Inclusive of Tax) against the MDN which was sent to you through SMS and email upon subscription. Your MDN # is sent to you on your registered Email address and it is also visible in the about section of the App for easy access (once you are logged in the app).
The shopkeeper will enter the MDN number in his system and will charge you Rs.99 (Inclusive of Tax). He will give you a receipt and you will receive confirmation of payment on your mobile through SMS.

Q36. What are the special offers of the Smart TV app for existing PTCL customers?
A: The app is free for Charji customers and those with 4Mbps or higher broadband Packages.  For existing IPTV customers with a minimum of 1Mbps broadband, the app is provided at Rs. 99 per month (Inclusive of Tax). 

Q37. How can I recover my password in case I forget?
A. Please use the “forgot password” service available on the login screen of PTCL smart TV application.

Q38. What is the validity  period of e-junior bundle if I subscribe it on 15th November 2015?

A.  If a customer subscribes to e-junior bundle on 15th Nov 2015, he will be billed for the service in November Bill. However  validity for e-junior bundle would continue for 30 days, this is valid for both postpaid and prepaid customers. 

Q39. Can 1 Mbps broadband user subscribe for Smart TV App?

A: Yes, user can subscribe.

Q40. What is the validity period of SVOD bundles? Does it apply for e-junior bundle?

A. Validity period for SVOD bundles is 30 days from the date of subscription. However for e-junior bundle & ICFLIX, validity period is also 30 days but it will automatically renew after one month. This is only valid for Smart TV App and for STBs B700V5,B760D and B760HS2.

Q41. How can I see Smart TV services on PC?

A. You can subscribe to Smart TV Services by visiting,  using internet browser.