Vfone Ring-Back Tone Service (RBT)


A caller ring back tone is the sound or tune a caller hears when they dial a telephone number. The Vfone ring back tone service is independent of the Vfone phone model you own, and any subscriber who wishes to use the service may select a tune of their choice as their personalized ring back tone, regardless of which Vfone handset/desktop set they are using. Any person who then dials the subscriber will hear the tune while waiting for the phone to be answered.

Our ring back tone service allows subscribers to express their individuality with a sound greeting to the caller.

A subscriber can sign up and manage the ring back tone subscription through the Web, SMS or IVR. Via these access methods the user can make changes and select his or her preferred ring back audio file from a wide range of audio tunes or advertisements.

Subscribers may select from a large variety of available tunes in English & Urdu on the following link by Clicking Here


  • ✔ Web, SMS and IVR signup capability
  • ✔ Audio tunes and advertisements available in a wide range of genres
  • ✔ English and Urdu languages supported


✔ Subscription Charges: Rs. 1 + tax/day

✔ Tune Charges: Rs. 5 + tax/ one time.

How to Buy

✔ To subscribe, send 'SUB' to 1414 or dial 1414.

✔ To unsubscribe, send 'unsub' to 1414 or dial 1414.

✔ To choose a Ring Back Tone of Your Choice please SMS the “RBT CODE” to 1414.