Managed WAN

PTCL's Managed WAN services allow you to run and support a wide area network over any region in Pakistan to achieve your business objectives while reducing operational expenses. 


  • ✔ End-to-end full life cycle management service
  • ✔ Online Availability of Reports at any time
  • ✔ Pro-ACTIVE response to alarms through remote network management tools by highly qualified and certified network engineers
  • ✔ 24x7 monitoring


  • ✔ No need to buy Hardware devices to monitor the CPE’s. It will be by PTCL.
  • ✔ No Need for Software licenses to accommodate high number of subscribers.
  • ✔ Reduce the cost of training to IT. PTCL engineers are certified to managed customer CPE’s.
  • ✔ Reduce Manpower Cost
  • ✔ Business Improvements
  • ✔ Reduced Network Training Cost
  • ✔ Predictable IT Cost
  • ✔ Reduced Cost

How to Buy

To order please email us at