Leased Circuits (IPLC / DPLC)

Leased Circuits (IPLC / DPLC)

DPLC (Domestic Private Leased Circuit

Domestic Private Leased Circuit (DPLC) is a point-to-point leased circuit/ transport channel for integrated and high-speed voice, data and video communications.

Customer to experience dedicated bandwidth, which greatly enhances speed for high volume transfers, and maximizes security and privacy. Service provisioning options include clear data transmission, audio as well as video conferencing and any other carrier communication needs.


  • Transport data securely via a dedicated end-to-end facility.
  • Managed capacity over nationwide core /metro transport and IP network infrastructure to ensure higher reliable bandwidth.
  • Dedicated service on a point-to-point circuit enabling end to-end transportation of high capacity transmission speed with variety of interfaces ranging from E1, FE, GE, STM-n, 10GE, OTU-n to 100GE
  • Employing ASON (Automatically Switched Optical Network) based multiple optical path protection to ensure high network availability.
  • Low latency connectivity suitable for high performance applications
  • Networks with latest ROADM/OTN and MPLS-TP technology and 100G based platforms in core and metro networks


  • PTCL is the largest provider of domestic leased line services, ensuring maximum reach nationwide (Core/Metro)
  • PTCL offers DPLC services that guarantee network uptime as high as 99.9% thus ensuring to meet your business critical needs
  • Centralized Network Operation Center (NOC) controls and monitors network performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, non-stop.
  • Stringent SLA management
  • On-line Trouble Ticketing and O&M support through a dedicated Carrier Services Desk (CSD)

IPLC (International private leased cirucit)

PTCL leased lines connect telecommunication network elements between geographically distant locations on a semi-permanent basis and are used as a private resource for transmission capacity for cellular and fixed line telephony, data communication or other ICT applications.

Having a unique geographic location, PTCL provides point to point international private leased lines through its fully redundant Submarine Cable Network comprising of four Cables i.e. AAE1, SMW4, IMEWE & SMW3 as well as terrestrial cable system with bordering countries. PTCL is able to offer half circuit as well as full circuit to various destinations worldwide. Full circuit IPLCs are provided for USA, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong and other destinations. PTCL partners with renowned international telecom operators such as BT, SingTel, Telecom Italia, Etisalat, OTE-Greece and Batelco for delivery of end-to-end services.