Leased Circuits (IPLC / DPLC)

Leased Circuits (IPLC / DPLC)

PTCL is the largest provider of domestic and international leased line services. PTCL leased lines connect telecommunication network elements between geographically distant locations on a semi-permanent basis and are used as a private resource for transmission capacity for cellular and fixed line telephony, data communication or Internet service applications.

Domestic Private Leased Circuit (DPLC)

PTCL provides leased line solutions to all key customers throughout the country and is focused to be the carrier of choice for high quality transmission services to other operators. Leased lines are delivered on PTCL's transmission platform which consists primarily of optical fibre equipped with high-capacity DWDM equipment deployed in fully redundant, self-healing rings. PTCL’s main fibre route extends to over 4000 kms. In addition, spur and short haul fiber network spans another 8000 kms providing the most extensive coverage across the country. Uses of PTCL leased line services to other service providers & corporate customers include interconnecting offices, mobile switches and telecom switching & distribution equipment all over Pakistan.

International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC)

PTCL also provides point-to-point international private leased lines through SMW3 & SMW4 submarine cables as well as terrestrial cable system. PTCL is able to offer half circuit as well as full circuit to various destinations worldwide. Full circuit IPLCs are provided for USA, Europe, Singapore, HongKong and other destinations. PTCL has One Stop Shop (OSS) agreements with renowned international telecom operators such as BT, SingTel, Telecom Italia, Etisalat, OTE-Greece and Batelco for delivery of end-to-end services.