i-Sentry – IP Surveillance

i-Sentry – IP Surveillance

PTCL, a market leader in telecom network services presents IP video monitoring solution to its subscribers on a large scale. It would allow customers to easily deploy networked video monitoring in their offices, stores or factories. Live or recorded video can be scrutinized on standard PCs/Mobile from any where over the internet.

These days it has become imperative for shopping centers, public transportation, banks, schools and offices to install video surveillance.

PTCL’s IP video surveillance solution provides virtually unlimited number of video surveillance cameras which can be deployed anywhere in Pakistan without any difficulty. i-Sentry is a cost-effective IP video surveillance solution in both developed as well as in remote areas.


  • ✔ All in one box solution
  • ✔ Easy to install, use, plug and play
  • ✔ Scalable to a virtually unlimited number of cameras
  • ✔ No maintenance
  • ✔ Cost effectiveness
  • ✔ Intrusion alerts
  • ✔ Viewable on cellular phone
  • ✔ Specialized to secure the most crucial areas
  • ✔ No extensive cabling
  • ✔ Keep an eye from anywhere anytime
  • ✔ Record without a recorder (online managed recording)


Can be used in:

  • ✔ Shopping store
  • ✔ Banks 
  • ✔ Colleges & schools 
  • ✔ Manufacturing plants 
  • ✔ Large national/multinational companies 
  • ✔ Traffic police, city monitoring authorities
  • ✔ Locations where rights of entry are restricted
  • ✔ Examination centers 
  • ✔ Airports, railway stations etc. 

How to Buy

To buy, please contact ✉: isentry@ptcl.net or call ☏: 111-20-20-20