Business-in-a-box is a combination of all the services that are required and necessary for growing Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

This gateway device provides the SMEs with benefits such as Broadband Internet connection, faster file sharing, Firewall Security, VPN connectivity, IP telephony, IP Camera Surveillance, Audio/Video streaming, Wireless LAN connectivity, Digital Phone, IP Phone, Web Hosting and Data storage etc. in a secure and speedy manner.


  • ✔ LAN Switch 
  • ✔ SIP Trunking
  • ✔ VoIP 
  • ✔ Router
  • ✔ Firewall
  • ✔ IP VPN
  • ✔ Firewall 
  • ✔ Analog Gateway 
  • ✔ Wi-Fi Data Access 


Faster Speed

Enjoy a high-speed Internet connection of up to 10Mbps. This increases productivity by letting you download and transfer large files like complex spreadsheets, electronic blueprints, legal documents and multimedia files.

Multiple Users Capability

All your employees will be able to access the Internet simultaneously through a single connection, reducing cost for your company.


PTCL Business DSL (Dynamic IP) can be installed with an existing telephone line, saving you from the hassle of applying for a new one.

Unified Communications 

PTCL’s hosted unified communication services access provides a richer environment where customers can enjoy not only audio but also video facility. Moreover, they are able to share files and documents regardless of their physical locations. The idea is connecting people to people rather than to a device.


PTCL offers an IP camera video surveillance solution in a cost effective manner. This includes remote viewing, online recording, intruder alerts, SMS, emergency phone call, etc.


Integrate your IP telephony with value added features for your on-net office to office communication and off-net communication in a cost effective manner.

Business LAN

Support your office LAN access with a built-in Ethernet switch.

Wi-Fi Access 

Built-in Wi-Fi LAN to provide wireless access for end office users and SIP wireless phone using the WPS security standards.

Secure Business application 

Provides secure access to your business applications including storage and core business applications transport.

Secure VPN Connectivity

This can be considered as the most important service that can be extended to business users trying to connect to their office from other branch offices or looking for secure connectivity between their distributed offices. The IPSec VPN can further be made more secure by defining pre-shared keys or using certificates (like X.50).

Additional encryption algorithms and keys can also be defined like DES, 3DES or AES. The secured IPSec VPN connectivity ensures quality of service for the business user in terms of voice and data, giving this particular user preferential treatment over other network users.

Auto - Switchover 

Last but not the least is auto switchover between your primary and backup connectivity.

How to Buy

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