Universal Access Number - UAN

Universal Access Number - UAN

Any organization or business that operates at several different locations has a great concern to provide timely and more convenient services to its customers. Some users may choose to connect incoming calls to different places at different times e.g. during or after working hours, or during weekends or holidays.

PTCL’s Universal Access Number (UAN) service is specially designed to cater for such diversified needs of organizations and groups. Through our UAN service, the customer can subscribe and have different telephone lines in different places. These lines can be accessed via single unique Universal telephone number. The system will translate the UAN number to a specified corresponding Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) number according to the area of caller & calling time to connect call accordingly.

If an enterprise subscribes to our UAN service, their customers in different places will be able to contact the branch office of enterprise or the company group nearest to them by simply dialing the universal number. For customers who have various offices in different periods of time, they can easily specify different routes for incoming calls which will greatly facilitate timely solution for customers.


  • ✔ UAN makes it easier for customers to remember you by dialing a simple number.
  • ✔ A quick and easy access to make queries and complaints that increases customer satisfaction.
  • ✔ Consumers are increasingly aware of the benefits of doing business by phone because it is time-saving, convenient and cost-saving.

How To Buy 

To order, please contact ✉: uan@ptcl.net or call ☏: 111-20-20-20