Toll Free Number

Toll Free Number


PTCL’s toll-free services starting from 0800 can extend your business reach, enhance customer services and provide corporate customers essential business voice continuity solutions. PTCL’s continuum of advanced features includes announcements, routing, redirection and control - all can be designed according to your specifications. It's easier than ever to create a dynamic call-handling infrastructure.

Key Features:

  1. ✔Create custom announcements for your callers
  2. ✔Route and manage toll free calls intelligently
  3. ✔Resolve call-handling problems quickly and effectively by load balancing between your contact centers

No special equipment required - technology in the PTCL network does it all

Key Benefits: 

  1. ✔A convenient channel for customers to communicate
  2. ✔Easily accessible from anywhere in the country
  3. ✔Improved accessibility to the calling party
  4. ✔Cost-effective for your customers

Value addition:

PTCL’s sufficient experience, nationwide network resources as well as nationwide human resources to cater for all the current and future telecommunication needs of the customer. Technology like intelligent network & state of the art network elements deployed nationwide, PTCL network does it all for you.