DRS – Digital Radio Systems

Digital Radio Systems:  

Our DRS transport solutions for private networks enables efficient networking, without the disadvantage of extortionate spending through recurring operational costs. Our microwave digital radio solutions support voice, video and high-speed native Ethernet data for any size business, agency or organization.

Guaranteeing you the flexibility needed to meet present and future needs seamlessly, the service is cost effective and capable of keeping up with capacity demand increase. Lastly, in order to ensure a robust and reliable service, the PTCL DRS solution can also be deployed as a back-up of your primary connectivity.

Key Benefits:

  • ✔High-Speed transport for TDM & Ethernet data.
  • ✔Scalable native Ethernet support.
  • ✔Reliable for critical applications.
  • ✔Point-Point and Point-Multi Point services.
  • ✔Reliable & Rapid deployment.