DRS – Digital Radio Systems

DRS – Digital Radio Systems

PTCL’s DRS transport solutions for private networks enables efficient, self-contained networking, without relying on leased circuits or fiber and without spending huge amounts on recurring operational costs.

Our microwave digital radio solutions support voice, video and high-speed native Ethernet data for any size business, agency or organization. Our solutions deliver the flexibility to meet current and future needs with seamless, cost-effective upgrades as capacity demands increase. PTCL DRS solution can also be deployed as a backup of primary connectivity to ensure robust and reliable services.


  • ✔ High-speed transport for all types of TDM & Ethernet data.
  • ✔ Scalable native Ethernet support.
  • ✔ Ultra reliable for critical applications.
  • ✔ Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint services.
  • ✔ Reliable and rapid deployment.

For further queries please contact ✉: drs@ptcl.net or dial ☏: 111-20-20-20