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Projects and Activities

1. Urgent Training Needs Programme:

The Urgent Training Needs which realistically depict the post VSS scenario are being assessed and catered immediately by conducting customized training programs. The involvement of all departments, regions and business units for providing their valuable input in the form of TNA response is essential for accurate identification of their requirements. Given the transformation stage, the most eminent developmental needs were highlighted and incorporated in this programme.

2. Customer Care Initiative:

To achieve the pinnacle of Excellence in Customer Service envisioned by the President/CEO the Training and Development department has assumed the responsibility for effectively imparting training under the Customer Care Initiative to all PTCL employees.

3. HRD Plan for 2009-10:

Training is one of the tools used for the development of employees and to consolidate change on sustainable ground. In order to address the training needs of all stakeholders of PTCL, EVP (T&D) has directed training region administration to conduct comprehensive Training Need Assessment of PTCL employees. This exercise of TNA is required for developing an effective and need satisfying Human Resource Development Plan for PTCL training centers. The pilot run of this programme is expected to commence by the end of April 2009.

4. Training Incentive offered to VSS Optees:

For the rehabilitation of VSS Optees, PTCL offered a package of post VSS training & development services, out of which the most beneficial and helpful service offers were Vocational and Technical trainings.

5. Revamping Project of PTCL Training & Development by Etisalat Academy:

PTCL has a huge training infrastructure throughout the country that is geographically wide spread. To revamp this wing of PTCL and transform it into a profit center, Etisalat Academy has been engaged for this project with the following main objectives:


  • Evaluation of existing training infrastructure
  • Identification of potential and non-potential training institutes
  • Development plan for proposed training set-up
  • Comprehensive workforce analysis of existing Human Resources in T&D department
  • Proposals regarding computerized learning management system
  • Preparation of Quality Assurance (QA) systems & procedures
  • Determination of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)


6. Implementation of ERP system in T&D:

The focus of the project is to set up and maintain the qualifications catalogs, create and evaluate profiles for a range of objects (for example, persons and positions), evaluate career and succession planning scenarios, set up appraisal systems, as well as plan, hold, and evaluate appraisals, create development plans, and work through individual development planning scenarios by customizing the functions of personnel development to meet customer requirements.

7. PTCL Academy activities:

PTCL Academy has been revitalized with a new vision to be recognized locally and regionally as a center of excellence in the provision of state-of-the-art training and consultancy services in telecommunications and related fields. It will provide a platform for the creation, dissemination and exchange of knowledge and expertise in all areas of telecom and IT to internal and external stakeholders. Some of the programmes on its agenda are:

•    Ph.D. Programme
•    MS programme
•    Post Graduate Diploma
•    Cisco Regional Academy Programme
•    Oracle Academy Programme
•    Joint venture with CISCO and NUST
•    Seminars / Short Courses / Certificate programmes
•    Course development for new offerings (technical and management courses)
•    Testing / Inspection of telecom equipment


8. Lineman Training Programme:

The declaration to celebrate year 2008-09 as year of Customer Care & Satisfaction by the President/CEO of the company, has entrusted upon Training & Development Department a gigantic task to transform our line staff who are the real customer care agents of PTCL. This initiative is the part of company’s strategic vision to turn PTCL a leading corporate entity in highly competitive business environment of telecom industry. A mega training campaign has been launched for all the Linemen of PTCL. The training module prepared by Training & Development department has tried to address all skill needs most direly required by our Linemen to cope with emerging technologies in telecommunication. This training will significantly improve both soft and technical competencies of our linemen and we believe that this training shall be remembered as a milestone in PTCL’s history.

9. Quality Awareness Programme:

In order to create quality awareness and skills improvement of PTCL staff, a 3-year QA plan has been made. The project is scheduled from March 2007 to December 2009. Following four types of programmes are under the work plan:

•    Installation Quality Standards
•    Quality Auditor Course
•    Companywide Quality Awareness
•    ‘Train the Trainer Programme’ offered to the  faculty of PTCL training centers

10. Senior Management Development Program:

Etisalat Academy being the lead consultants of PTCL’s Training and Development department has proposed a meritorious program for the development of Senior Management Team (SMT) of PTCL. The workshops, their contents and out comes have been reviewed and have been found beneficial for the company. Proposed plan of five workshops is in line with emerging concept of Continuous Professional Development. CPD is being promoted for conscious updating of professional knowledge and enhancement of professional competence throughout a person's working life. PTCL Training & Development wing is committed to the pursuit of professional excellence with its Senior Management Team. PTCL’s SMT, though possesses matchless functional competencies, will benefit from these workshops.

11. Internship Programme:

As per existing policy approximately 194 internship offers were made during 2008-09. Currently, we are in the process of invigorating our Internship Policy. During the last couple of years Internship Programme at PTCL has received special attention and focus. The overall concept has evolved from its traditional perspective into a strategic perspective. We look forward to this programme not only as a learning opportunity for the participants but also a prospect for PTCL in its continuous endeavor for talent hunt. It is the process by which we not only contribute significantly to the development of the best talent in professional and leading universities and schools, but it also aims at creating “PTCL Ambassadors” that spread goodwill of the company all over the country. This programme is intended to provide students with the opportunity to apply what they are learning in their academic pursuits to real world situations. Through the successful implementation of this programme, PTCL looks forward to rightly identify, recruit, train and develop its most important need of the day i.e. the Human Resource.

12. Nominations for Open House Training Programmes:

Besides aforementioned activities the Training and Development Department is organizing a complete database of the training firms/institutes and the freelance training consultants. Staff is being nominated for open house training programs offered by reputable firms to assess the efficacy and the relevancy of the program.