Human Resource Training and Development is a process for developing individual skills and effectiveness. Individual effectiveness, in terms of skills, knowledge and attitude, is one of the essential building blocks towards achievement of the wider goal of improved organizational efficiency and effectiveness. The development of the individual and the organization are therefore inextricably linked. Training can and must make a significant contribution towards securing both individual and organization objectives. Every manager, potential manager and employee must receive the training required to perform his/her job effectively. A true Human Resource Development (HRD) plan must deliver real tangible and measurable results.

In the context of ongoing change process at PTCL the role of Training & Development function has gained even more significance to change the mindset of the employees and their approach towards the company and the customer. PTCL’s executives and staff needs to be taken through an extensive training & development campaign and we at T&D are committed towards transforming PTCL into a Hub of highly skilled human capital that will prove to be a driving force in steering PTCL to its vision.