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Step by Step Guide Visual Guide for Updating Evo Tab:

1. Download and copy “” file to your SD Card.

2. Make sure your SD card is inserted in your Evo Tab. 

3. Backup your data and power off Evo Tab.

4. Power on Evo Tab While holding down the Power & Volume(+) button for 10 seconds.

5. You will first see the PTCL Boot logo and then enter into to the Recovery Mode.

6. Press the back arrow key once.

7. Press Volume (-) button once to select “apply” option.

8. Press the menu touch button to execute. 

9. Select “reboot system now” option and press menu touch button to execute.

10. Device will reboot and update is complete.


11. It is recommended to “Factory data reset” after update. Go to settings/ privacy/ factory data reset/reset phone.