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Identical Number Service
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Identical Number Service


To be a part of a fast growing telecom market and to get aligned with the number of services which Cellular companies are providing, PTCL once again has come up with another innovative and appealing offer which is a part of ongoing Synergy Projects with its sister concerned company UFONE .

Through this offer any customer who wants to acquire a new telephone connection (NTC) can also get UFONE SIM with the same number (03xx-7 digit) as of PTCL Landline. There wouldn’t be any special charges for UFONE SIM , on the top of that UFONE SIM would be sent to the customer through TCS.

This shows PTCL’s commitment towards its valued customers by providing them a service with an ease of remembering just one number for both landline and Mobile Phone. This also gives comfort to your callers as they don’t have to remember more than one number.

Product Tariff:

  • No special charges for PTCL number/UFONE SIM
  • Same installation fee and line rent charges for PTCL Landline.
  • SIM will be sent to the customer through TCS. Customer just needs to pay ordinary UFONE charges (Rs 150 and a balance of Rs 100 will be available)

Order Line:

    This service can be acquired by calling 0800 80 800 helpline or through walk-in channels.