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PTCL Islamic Services (1324 IVR)
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PTCL Islamic Services (1324 IVR)

Considering the importance of the holy month of Ramadan and its blessings drizzling everywhere throughout the month, PTCL has decided to re-launch Islamic services which would in fact be giving Ramadan services. The purpose of this launch is to help PTCL Landline/Vfone users to feel the true spirit of Ramadan and stay close to their beliefs and faith throughout the holy month.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What is PTCL Islamic Service?

Ans: PTCL Islamic Service is a 24 hours available service which can be availed by dialing 1324 from any PTCL landline and V-Fone. This Service offers:

  1. i. Full Quran recitation with Urdu translation, 
  2. ii. Live Taravi from Khana Kahba in Ramadan (or Recitation & Translation of Quranic Surahs in other than Ramadan),
  3. iii. Top Ten Naats and Hamds,
  4. iv.   Naats and Hamds,
  5. v.    Allah Almighty’s Names,
  6. vi.   Arabic Duas,
  7. vii. Arabic Islamic Nasheeds,
  8. viii. Sehr and Aftaar timings.


Q2. Who can avail PTCL Islamic Service? 
All the existing and new PTCL customers either of PSTN or VONE, who are keen to listen to the wide range of Islamic content. 

Q3 . What are the service charges?
The service would be charged Rs 2+ Tax/ Minute.

Q4 . How do I access this service?
You just have to dial 1324 and listen to the list of eight categories through a menu. No prior subscription is required.

 Q5. I am unable to access the service through my landline or V-Fone?
Call 1236 for landline or call 1015 for V-Fone helpline and register a complaint.

Q6.  Will the service be available after Ramadan and will I be charged for Islamic portal Service then? 
 Yes. The service will be available after Ramadan and it will be charged with the same tariff.