Personal Global Number
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Personal Global Number

Personal Global Number service is one intelligent service which is especially designed for corporate world with number of useful features bundled with one valued added service. Once subscribed for this service a 9 digits UPT number e.g. 1220-11111 (Access code+UPT number) becomes your identity and you can use this service for multi-purpose. If you are a corporate executive and are always on a move, you can still effectively use your traditional landline by receiving your incoming calls at different locations with or without schedule. Similarly you can do out dialing from anywhere in Pakistan just by giving login information from any PTCL landline and cellular number; the best part is that the bill of all out dialing will be sent to the number on which personal global service is subscribed , not to the number from which calls were made. So unified billing is another innovative feature of this must-have service.

Package Tariff:

  • No service subscription required.
  • Monthly charges of Rs 50 / month

Service Benefits:

  • A sense of mobility on conventional PTCL landline.
  • Scheduled/Unscheduled Call diversions on 06 different location as per requirement
  • Out dialing from anywhere in Pakistan using Personal Global Number (UPT#)
  • Handy incoming & outgoing features bundled in one service.
  • Unified billing