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Scratch Cards & Validities FAQs
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  1. Q:What is the denomination of scratch cards available?
    A: Vfone is a prepaid service, for your convenience we offer a variety of scratch card denominations to choose from. The cards are available in Rs 100, Rs 300, Rs 500 & Rs 1000 denominations respectively.
  2. Q: What is the expiry limit of the scratch cards and what are the recharge guidelines?
    A: The expiry period of Rs.100, Rs.300, Rs. 500, and Rs.1000 cards is 30, 60, 90 and 180 days respectively. Incoming calls are allowed for 60 days on all denominations, after expiry of the original balance. To recharge your Vfone connections simply dial 1015 from your Vfone and follow the guidelines.

    Card Denominations


    Incoming Validity

    Temporary Out of Service

    Today Days


    30 Days

    45 Days

    540 Days

    615 Days


    60 Days

    45 Days

    540 Days

    645 Days


    90 Days

    45 Days

    540 Days

    675 Days


    120 Days

    45 Days

    540 Days

    705 Days

    Rs. 2,000

    180 Days 45 Days 540 Days 765 Days
  3. Q: What will happen if the customer has zero balance left in his/her account and his/her card validity has not yet expired?
    A: All such customers who have zero balance in their account and their card validity has not yet expired will NOT be able to make any outgoing calls (free calls), SMS or use the internet. However, all such customers would have access to dial Vfone Service Numbers.
  4. Q: What will be the validity of the account balance when the card validity has not yet expired and the customer has balance in his/her account and they recharge a new card?
    A: In case of multiple card loading, the expiry date of the balance would be of the maximum validity card.
  5. Q: What if the customer’s card validity has expired and he still has balance in his account?
    A: If the card validity has expired and the customer has some balance remaining in their account then the remaining balance will not be deleted after the card expiry date. This balance will be transferred/ carried forward when the customer recharges his/her account. However if the customer lifecycle enters Temporary out of Service the balance will not be carried forward.