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  1. Q: What is meant by PTCL VPCO?
    A: PTCL VPCO is a wireless PCO connection using CDMA technology. It is a pre-paid connection. 
  2. Q: Where and how do I get VPCO connection?
    A: You can get VPCO connection from V-Franchise for VPCOs and V-VPCO Partner's outlets. 
  3. Q: How do I use my VPCO connection?
    A: VPCO is like an ordinary V set having payphone functionality. It has all the features of a VPCO including display of call charges, duration and balance. 
  4. Q: How is PTCL different from other wireless operators?
    A: PTCL has by far the largest network coverage, competitive price, and a range of Value Added services including Phone book, messaging, and call logs. PTCL wireless service gives voice quality of a landline with country-wide coverage, employing the state of the art CDMA 2001x technology and nationwide availability. 
  5. Q: Can I convert my V phone into VPCO?
    A: The conversion of normal Vfone into VPCO is not permissible, as V PCO works on specially designed FWP that are bundled with the V PCO package. 
  6. Q: How much would the VPCO cost me?
    A: The retail price of the VPCO is Rs 4000/-. 
  7. Q: Where do I get my scratch card?
    A: Scratch cards for your VPCO are easily available throughout the country. You can get scratch card from any Vfone dealer/ V Retail outlet / V Franchise and VPCO Partner's outlets.  
  8. Q: What is the expiry of scratch cards?
    A: Since Normal Vfone cards are used on these VPCOs, so it has same validity cycle as any normal V card. 
  9. Q: What denominations of scratch cards are available?
    A: PTCL VPCO is a prepaid wireless phone service account, which can be charged through V pre-paid scratch cards widely available nationwide, in four different denominations of Rs.100, 300, 500, and1000. 
  10. Q: What are the recharge guidelines?
    A: On dialing helpline 1015 recharge guidelines are available. 
  11. Q: Is there any preloaded balance when I first purchase the connection?
    A: Yes, when you purchase a new connection you get a preloaded balance worth UNITS 1580. 
  12. Q: What if I do not load a new card?
    A: If a new card is not loaded, after three months, all Outgoing calls will be blocked. 
  13. Q: Can I make international calls on my VPCO connection?
    A: Yes, with your PTCL VPCO, you can make calls to your loved ones all around the globe. 
  14. Q: Do I have to pay extra to get an international connection?
    A: No, there are no additional charges for international connection.  
  15. Q: Is there any line rent applicable to PTCL VPCOs?
    A: No, there is no line rent for these VPCOs. You get charged only when you make a call.  
  16. Q: What type of telephone sets are offered with PTCL connection?
    A: The VPCO set is a Fixed Wireless Phone with a display for convenient monitoring of calls being made. The service can only be offered on these especially designed phones with VPCO software.The FWP offers both indoor as well as outdoor antenna options suiting exact location needs. For PTCL WLL VPCOs, Huwaei, ZTE & Comcept are our trusted set providers.  
  17. Q: Is the WLL set supplied by PTCL covered under warranty?
    A: Yes, the sets supplied by PTCL are given full warranty coverage by our vendors (Huawei, ZTE, etc).  
  18. Q: What if the phone is faulty?
    A: If you face any issues with the FWP, no need to worry.FWP sets shall be repaired through vendors repair centers established throughout Pakistan.  
  19. Q: What do I do if the battery of the set is not charging properly?
    A: If there are any issues with the set battery, our Vendor will replace the battery within the warranty period or if the warranty period had expired, then these batteries are easily available in open market as well.  
  20. Q: Does V PCO support PCO Call Center Solution?
    A: At present, only Comcept VPCOs support PCO Call centre solutions. For this purpose the customer has to buy special call centre setup (hardware and software required) from Comcept, making sure to use the compatible model of FWP.