SCO Faqs
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  1. Q: Who can benefit from this offer?
    A: This offer is valid to all the Vfone customers in AJK and FANA.  
  2. Q: Is this offer valid for any specific package?
    A: matter what package the customer is currently using, they will get the same call rates for All SCO numbers.  
  3. Q: What are the SCO call charges for Vfone customers in AJK & FANA?
    A: The call charges for calling any SCO number (local or nationwide) is Rs 0.99 excluding taxes.  
  4. Q: Do I have to pay any extra charges to activate this offer?
    A: All Vfone customers in AJK and FANA can benefit from these special SCO call rates without having to get into any activation process. The rates would be applied automatically to all such customers 
  5. Q: Are there any changes in the call rates besides SCO rates?
    A: No, the charging plans for making other calls remain the same as indicated in the packages.  
  6. Q: What is time limit for this offer?
    A: This offer is not time bound, all AJK and FANA customers can benefit from this special calling plan from 27th February onwards