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Vfone Call Packages FAQs
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  1. Q: What are the packages being currently offered by Vfone?
    A: For the convenience of our valued customers, Vfone now offers three package options; to suit the needs of all our individual customers. The five packages currently offered by Vfone include 
    -Vfone Simple
    -Vfone Family
    -Vfone Unlimited
    -Vfone Smart
    -Vfone NON-Stop    
  2. Q: I have got a new Vfone connection. What is the current Package on this connection?
    A: For all new customers, the default package would be Vfone Smart. If you want to change your package you can immediately do so by dialing 1015, after which you will be charged according to the selected package.  
  3. Q: What is the procedure for package change?
    A: All new and existing customers can change their Package by dialing 1015 and pressing 3 in the main menu. The Package changes immediately in the system. The customer gets a confirmation of the new Package activation. There are no delays in the system.  
  4. Q: How can I confirm that my Package has changed?
    A: You can confirm your current package by calling 1015 and pressing 3 in the main menu.  
  5. Q: Are there any package conversion charges?
    A: For each package change, you will be charged Rs 20 (plus taxes). For any further queries you can contact our 24 hours Helpline 1236.  
  6. Q: What if I am unable to change my package?
    A: All complaints pertinent to Failure of Package Change should be registered with the Customer Helpline 1236.  
  7. Q: Is the Package Change Temporary (does it expire) or permanent?
    A: The Package Change is permanent and does not expire. Once you have selected a new Package it will not be changed unless you change it.