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Vfone General FAQs
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  1. Q: What is meant by PTCL Vfone Connection and how to get one?
    A: PTCL Vfone is a superior phone connection with advanced features like Internet, caller ID, speaker phone, address book etc that lets you connect wirelessly to the whole world. Getting your Vfone connection is simple--- visit any of our Franchise outlets, One Stop Shops or Customer Service Centers and get a Vfone connection/telephone, just by filling a customer agreement form, attaching NIC copy and by paying the required fee. 
  2. Q: Is PTCL Vfone just like a mobile?
    A: No, it is not a mobile phone. It’s a connection offering wireless connectivity within limited premises. PTCL Vfone offers all the benefits of your landline; with the added advantage of being wireless, which means you can carry it anywhere within limited premises and that is what makes it an ideal substitute for copper line. 
  3. Q: What type of telephone sets are offered with PTCL Vfone connection?
    A: We are at present offering Fixed Wireless Terminal (FWT) with external antennas as well as SIM based connections, sets of which are available at our franchises. 
  4. Q: Does PTCL Vfone offer mobility?
    A: No PTCL Vfone does not offer mobility. Vfone is based on wireless local loop technology which offers limited movement within premises. PTCL Vfone is an alternate to PTCL landline.  
  5. Q: What is the difference between 450 MHz and 1900 MHz connection and which is preferred?
    A: The 450 MHz and 1900 MHz are frequencies on which a connection operates. PTCL selects these frequencies for a given location based on the local terrain and environment. Therefore, the users get the best-suited technology for their needs. In rare cases, the users might have both frequencies as an option. This is normally to build more connection capacity in the area. 
  6. Q: Why does PTCL Vfone offer better mobility in rural areas than in urban areas?
    A: PTCL Vfone services do not offer mobility in rural or urban areas. Since this service is based on wireless technology, terrain and structures/buildings in the vicinity affect the transmission. Due to this reason, the coverage area is normally more in rural markets as compared to dense urban centers. Coverage area refers to area with in which PTCL can give a connection. 
  7. Q: Can Vfone be used to browse internet?
    A: Yes; Vfone allows you to wirelessly connect to the internet with speed up to 153.6 kbps. To start browsing internet through your Vfone Connection, you will be first required to setup an internet connection on your computer which can be done in a couple of minutes. Once your internet connection is ready you can start browsing the internet at a very good speed. 
  8. Q: Do I need to buy a separate card for Internet browsing?
    A: No, the same card that is used for voice is also used for internet. 
  9. Q: What are the charges for internet usage?
    A: Internet Charges have been revised to Rs.2.50/15min. These new internet charges are applicable on all existing and new packages.
  10. Q: Can I use my Vfone connection to send and receive SMS?
    A: Yes, with your Vfone connection you can send and receive SMS to and from all cellular networks, Vfone and PTCL landlines, at just 35 paisas /SMS. 
  11. Q: What are the Value Added services that Vfone offers, apart from internet and SMS?
    A: Apart from internet and SMS, Vfone at present offers the following value added services to make your Vfone experience more convenient: - CLI - Call Forwarding 
  12. Q: What if I get a new connection and my connection is inactive for 45 days?
    A: In case a new Vfone connection is activated and no balance is loaded for 45 days, the system would move the customer to inactive state; and then the customer would have to load a new card to move back to active state. 
  13. Q: What is Temporary out of service (TOS) state?
    A: When a customer remains inactive beyond the incoming validity period, his account would move to the temporarily inactive state, where he can neither receive nor make any calls. 
  14. Q: What if I have balance in my account and my account moves to Temporarily Out of service state?
    A: If the customer has balance in his account, but his connection has moved to TOS state, then his previous balance would be deleted and his connection would be restored once he loads a new card.
  15. Q: Can I continue to make free Vfone to Vfone calls even if there is no balance in my Vfone account?
    A: No! You cannot make any calls if you do not have the required balance for Daily Deduction in your Vfone account. 
  16. Q: What if my set becomes faulty?
    A: If due to any reason, the set becomes faulty and does not function; no need to worry; you can simply bring your Vfone set to your nearest OSS/CSC and we will have it repaired through our trusted vendors within the warranty period.Conversely if you do not have an OSS/CSC nearby, you can also contact our franchisees for set repair, which have also been given Level1 and Level 2 training to handle set repair issues.  
  17. Q: What if I lose my SIM?
    A: In case of lost/faulty SIM, the customer can have a new SIM issued by simply visiting any of our OSS/CSC along with his NIC and following a simple SIM replacement procedure 
  18. Q: What if I over scratch my prepaid card?
    A: In case of over scratched or badly scratched cards, the customer can get a replacement card form their nearest OSS/CSC by visiting the OSS/CSC with the badly scratched card and following a simple card replacement procedure. 
  19. Q: Can I retain my number if I relocate?
    A: Yes, if a customer relocates within the same region, then the same number can be retained. In case of relocation to another region, a new number would have to be purchased.