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Smart TV Application for EVO Wireless Broadband
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Smart TV Application for EVO Wireless Broadband

Now PTCL brings you  Smart TV application for  PC/Laptops users. If you spend most of your time in front of laptop screens for studies or official work in that case don’t miss out famous programs or a live cricket match and download smart TV application from the below mentioned link. Even if you miss out , the application gives you a Re-run feature of 7-days through which you can watch any past program. Not only this you can also record a live or past program in your laptop hard disk , the functionality is known as DVR- Digital video recording.

The service monthly subscription charges are Rs 50/ Month

How to acquire service/Application Download

  • Call PTCL order line 1236  for service subscription
  • Upon subscription the login information will be sent to you on your  email address
  • After subscription, you can down the application from the following Download Button
 How to use Re-run feature:
  • Go to re-run option, select channel -> Select weekday -> select time -> click on view
 How to use recording feature:
  • Go to recording option, select channel-> Select  hard drive path -> Schedule recording -> click on Start recording button

Download the SMART TV Application