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EVO Landline Recharge Service
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EVO Landline Recharge:

EVO Landline Recharge is yet another step by PTCL to facilitate our customers by providing them a smart recharge solution for their prepaid accounts. EVO Landline Recharge service gives you the convenience to recharge your EVO accounts without having to buy a scratch card. Simply have your PTCL landline registered for the service and enjoy instant prepaid top-ups; whenever you want, from the convenience of your landline.

How does the service work?

Using your PTCL Landline to recharge your EVO prepaid is Quick & simple.

  • Just get yourself registered by calling 1236 OR Walking in at any OSS.
  • Once you are registered, a unique PIN code shall be sent to your cell phone via SMS.
  • Use your PIN to recharge your EVO account by dialing 1015 from your registered landline number.


For recharging your account all you need to do is to follow the listed steps below:

Step 1: Once you have received your PIN, Dial 1015 from your registered landline number.

Step 2: Enter your unique PIN and press 1 to recharge your account.

Step 3: Enter your desired EVO prepaid MDN mentioned at the back of your device followed by your required recharge amount and your account shall be recharged within minutes.

Please note that the minimum recharge amount is Rs 100 & maximum recharge amount cannot exceed Rs 2,500 in a month.

Terms & conditions

1. Customer can register for the service by simply dialing 1236 from his desired PTCL landline or by visiting any nearest PTCL OSS.
2. Customer shall provide his CNIC number at the time of registration. 
3. Customer Must provide a valid Mobile number for receiving the PIN code.
4. At IVR, the request for top up should be made subject to the conditions:

a)    The last paid bill of customer should be fully paid
b)     The top up amount should not exceed the assigned credit limit
c)    The connection type of the customer should be Private.
d)     The Landline connection of the customer should be normal i.e (Not 1 way closed, Not 2 way closed, Not permanent closed)