PTCL Jadoo Box
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“Jadoo box” is a novelty device which provides uninterrupted connectivity by using wired DSL as a primary connection while a wireless connectivity as a backup. This device has been designed to provide connectivity for PSTN, Broadband and Wireless Broadband. We intend to capitalize on the uninterrupted connectivity needs of our high ARPU customers by providing them this unique solution which will help establish PTCL as the converged solutions company for its users.

Key Highlights:

Uninterrupted Connectivity
Go online 24/7. Jadoo Box provides you uninterrupted internet connectivity as it comes with default DSL and an EVO as backup connection
Multiple User Compatibility
Multiple Users at home can access internet simultaneously through a single connections
Faster Speed
Enjoy a high speed internet connection that lets you experience streaming videos, online gaming, multimedia files at much faster pace; therefore, helping you save time
Integrate your IP telephony with value added features
LAN Connectivity
Works as Ethernet switch that enables you build residential LAN
Wi-Fi Access
Built-in Wi-Fi access – to provide wireless connectivity for multiple home users
Auto Switchover 
The last but not least is the auto switchover between your primary and backup connectivity

Package Details: