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Q. What is International Plus?
A. “International Plus” will provide PTCL subscribers with lowest international call rates and more talk time. With this package customers will be able to talk freely with their near and dear ones in UK, US, Canada, Australia and China for a fixed monthly charge.

Q. What is the tariff for International Plus?
A. All international plus subscribers will get 500 international minutes each month and will be charged Rs. 499 monthly for calling on landline & mobile both in USA, Canada & China and on landline only in UK & Australia.

Q. Do I need to unsubscribe from my current PSTN package if I want International Plus?
A. No, this will be an Opt In Package and customers who already are on Pakistan Plus, Basic Plus or Value Plus will have the option of subscribing to International Plus in addition to their existing Price Plan.

Q. Will I be able to see International Plus subscription fee on the bill?
A. Yes.

Q. Which countries can we call by using International Plus?
A. Landline & mobile in China, USA, Canada and landline only in UK & Australia.

Q. How can I activate International Plus?
Via IVR by calling ‘1240 1241’.
Via CSR by calling ‘1236’ and selecting option ‘3’.

Q. How can I de-activate International Plus?
A. Via CSR by calling ‘1236’ and selecting option ‘3’.

Q. What if I make calls to countries that are not mentioned in International Plus?
A. All calls that will be made by the subscribers to the countries not mentioned above will be charged at normal international call rates and will be reflected in the bill.