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The benefits of Toll-Free numbers to businesses are widely understood. For example, in the USA the biggest economy in the world, over 90% of businesses have a toll-free number. Some of the benefits of toll-free 0800 number to your business include following.

Benefits of Toll-free 0800

  • A 0800 number encourages your customers to call you NOW, rather than "think about it" later.
  • A 0800 number encourages potential buyers to call YOU, not your competitors. Hence giving your business an edge over competitors who do not have such a facility.
  • A 0800 number means that you can compete with big national names, for little extra cost.
  • A 0800 number expands your geographic accessibility. Customers out of your area are no longer deterred by having to call long distance. It gives your business a national and international (with international 0800) market presence.
  • A 0800 number can cut your advertising costs, since less space is needed to encourage the customer to call.
  • A 0800 number enhances your image with customers and the market and pushes you forward as a "customer friendly" business.
  • A 0800 number attracts more enquiries.
  • A 0800 number encourages customers to place sales orders by toll-free phone or toll-free fax.
  • Your 0800 number is location independent, so you can be based anywhere and have a business with national and even international customer accessibility.


OK, these are huge benefits, but how much does it cost?

Your Toll Free number allows your prospective customer to call you FREE of charge – because you pay for the cost of the call - a small investment to gain a new customer. To make it easy for you to gain new customers, PTCL is pleased offer this Value Added Service for small and medium and large businesses at surprisingly low cost.
The cost is little! Just Rupee one per minute for your customer calls and Rupee one thousand for the number activation/installation (that's a "one-time"). So for a little cost of Rupee one per minute, you can take your business right into the heart of Pakistan and International market! Imagine reaching a huge new market to sell your products and services at a cost of just Rupee one per minute. It certainly is worth it!

Toll Free 0800 Service Features

1. Standard Service
Single answering point i.e., you can subscribe 0800 at a single location. This service can also be utilized on a PABX.

2. Advanced Service
This service is designed for multi location offices in different cities.

Service Features

  • Day/time Dependent Routing
    Customer calls can be routed to different locations or offices according to the needs of the customers with respect to day and time.
  • Origin Dependent Routing
    Calls from customers can be routed according to the origin of the call to a nearest point.
  • Call Distribution
    Calls can be routed to different offices according to customer’s needs. For example, 60% of calls can be routed to one location and 40% to another location or any other combination specified by the customer.
  • Call Limiter
    This feature enables the user to specify the maximum number of simultaneous calls to a toll free number.
  • Call Forwarding
    This feature allows rerouting to an alternative destination when the called party is busy or does not reply within the given time period.
  • PIN Facility
    This feature allows the corporate customer to restrict the number of calls received by applying a PIN to the 0800 number.


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How to apply for Toll-Free 0800


You can send your request with your contact information to any of the following addresses. 
A PTCL representative will get in touch with you and start the process immediately.


Sr Manager, PTCL Corporate Customer Center
Ground Floor EVP Business Office
Hatim  Alvi Road, Clifton Exchange, Clifton, Karachi
Phone: 111-202020
Fax: 111-212121
Sr Manager, PTCL Corporate Customer Center
26-A Civic Center, Barkat Market, New Garden Town, Lahore
Phone: 111-202020
Fax: 111-212121
PTCL Exchange
Nazim-Ud-Din Road
F-8/1, Islamabad
ph:   051 - 111 20 20 20
Fax: 051 - 111 21 21 21