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Upgrade from 1Mbps to 4Mbps with an additional Rs. 800 only”

PTCL Broadband customers using 1Mbps data rate can now up grade to 4Mbps with only an additional Rs. 800 per month.

PTCL broadband is available in the following data rates and tariffs;

  1. 1Mbps at Rs 1199 
  2. 4Mbps at Rs 1999
  3. 6Mbps at Rs 4999
  4. 8Mbps at Rs 6999 
Benefits and key Highlights:
  • PTCL Broadband service is available in over 600 cities and towns across the country.
  • 4 times increase in bandwidth in only additional Rs. 800 which previously used to be Rs. 4000.
  • High speed broadband is now more affordable than ever before
  • PTCL Broadband gives you unlimited connectivity 24/7 with access to exciting features like BUZZ entertainment portal and online gaming free of cost exclusively for broadband customers
  • Seamless experience when streaming and downloading movies, tv shows and music files
  • Access to rich HD multimedia resources over the internet