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PTCL is the incumbent fixed line operator providing premium quality with outreach. We support both VoIP and TDM through our gateways and soft switches. .PTCL owns more than 20,000Km optical fiber (OFC) network connecting 1062 cities/towns which are providing voice, data and video services.

PTCL is member of SMW3, SMW4 & IMEWE consortiums. We have both OFC (Optical Fiber Cable) and Digital Microwave connectivity with Afghan Operators. PTCL also has terrestrial OFC connectivity with all the Operators in India as well. We are also among the founding members of INTELSAT and provide Satellite based service including VSAT to our customers.



PTCL is successfully maintaining its leadership position in domestic telecommunication market with 23.5 Million LL /WLL/GSM subscribers. We provide Broadband, IPTV and Telepresence, and host of other value added services.


  • Int’l Voice Origination/Termination/Transit, ISDN, HCDS, ITFS & UIFN
  • Data services include IPLC, MPLS/VPN, Ethernet and IP transit
  • Satellite services include Backhaul via V-Sat and DVBS2 for Voice and Data
  • Physical IP POP(For IP Peering) & VPOP(For Voice Interconnection) in Europe and East.
  • Direct connectivity with all Afghan Operators for voice/data communication

About Us