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PTCL provides a modern, reliable and wireless connectivity solution based on state of the art CDMA EvDO Rev-A network. Its industry-leading architecture provides greater system capacities and data rates (Peak U/L: 3.1 Mbps & Peak D/L: 1.8 Mbps), critical QoS (Quality of Service) mechanisms and lower cost.

PTCL offers you wireless connectivity in those areas where you do not have any option of wired or terrestrial network and back up connectivity which keeps your office connected in case of any breakdown in the fixed wire medium. Whether you want to connect your branch offices or vehicles delivering your services door to door to your central location / database, EvDO is the right choice.


  • High speed
  • Easy to deploy (Plug & Play)
  • Wireless medium
  • Cost efficient VPN Solution
  • Improved system performance
  • Central control of all elements over the Internet
  • USB, Wi-Fi & FE interfaces available
  • Also used as secondary link (Medium) for redundancy/backup

For further queries please contact evo@ptcl.net 111-20-20-20

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